The Backchannel

19 01 2010

slide rocket sponsored a webinar today with Cliff Atkinson about the backchannel that occurs during presentations. The backchannel that Cliff focused on is the use of Twitter and how it can inform the speaker of the status of her presentation.

Atkinson has two books which I have not read, but am interested in

beyond bullet points

Beyond Bullet Points

The Backchannel: How Audiences are Using Twitter and Social Media and Changing Presentations Forever

Cliff opened today’s presentation with every speaker’s nightmare about getting negative tweets like “this presentation sucks!” and such. However, as with most technology today, we must find a way to deal with its appearance into “this modern life.” Cliff’s suggestion is to embrace and acknowledge your audience letting them know that you are “on” in Twitter.

Perhaps even use Twitter as a pre-conference survey tool. A “What can I do for you” prior to even showing up. Good idea I think. As Cliff said, acknowledging this side of the backchannel can sort of disarm people and keep “snarky” remarks at a minimum if people know you are going to be reading the posts.

On your first presentation slide add your conference hashtag and your Twitter account information. Take Twitter Q and A breaks. Provide backup material links via Twitter.

Also, as many of you already know, remember to add your twitter account, blog, etc. to your business cards and signature lines.

Welcome to 21st Century Teaching, Learning, Presenting!


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2 12 2008

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